About Us

Stages of development

  • February 2012: Global Investment Academy is established;
  • April 2012: Sydney Traders & Investors Network is created 1 st Elite investment club is established;
  • July 2012: Russian brunch of GIA is established;
  • Since September 2012: Monthly webcasts with general overview of the market;
  • Since 2012 We run many training programs on fundamental & technical analysis stock & option trading, Phycology of trading, Money management and many others;
  • Since 2014: Online investment club was created, where we run Q&A webcasts, analytical webcasts short trainings…
  • Since January 2015: Monthly Master classes with full industry analysis and represented in it companies
  • May 2017: 1 st international online investment conference
  • Since November 2017: we prepare and check traders for GTL hedge fund
  • Since May 2018: Investment retreats in Thailand and Turkey
  • Since 2020: Networking picnics in Sydney
  • Since January 2021: Goals setting bootcamps in Australia

During this time thousands of people went through our seminars, trainings and meetings.

Many of them use the knowledge received as professional traders and many of them as private investors managing their own funds.

Our Lector

Dr. Igor Vasiliev

  • Founder and general director of Global Investment Academy

  • Portfolio manager of GTL Hedge Fund​

  • Property and stock market  investor​

  • Trainer on topics related to investing in the stock market (fundamental and technical analysis of companies, IPOs, stock options trading, investor psychology, etc.), real estate and direct investment in companies.

Igor has several qualifications in very different fields:

He obtained his Medical degree in Psychiatry in Russia. This qualification helps him to understand the psychology of the market and stay calm, when everyone else loses their temper. Then he obtained an Executive Master Degree in Business Administration in Ireland. After moving to Sydney in 2011 he obtained his next qualification in Finance & Accountancy.

He has more than 10 years of practical work in the stock markets.

Founder of several communities in Sydney: 

    • “Four Hour work week” life style.
    • “Trading & Investing network”.
    • Positive geared property.

Ask Us Anything. anytime.

We will be happy to answer your questions about our training programs and Investment club. 

What you can learn at the Academy:

  • How to create capital: first steps for novice investors and traders.

  • How to start investing: basic tools and their differences.

  • How to invest in the stock market: from basic concepts to advanced knowledge.

  • How to use Options: reducing risks, increasing profitability, «smart trading».

  • How to invest in real estate and other assets.

More than 5,500 people were trained by the Academy’s trainers. About 705 of them are under the advanced program.