Investing is building and increasing of your capital. Investing is available to everyone!

We help not only to learn the working methods of capital multiplication, but also to apply this knowledge practically into your life.

The moment when your investment returns exceed your spending, you can call yourself a financially free person!

Millions of people around the world have achieved this using the strategies we teach in our courses.

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Why do people choose us

Our trainer

Dr. Igor Vasiliev

Property and stock market  investor

Founder of Global Investment Academy

3 qualifications: Medical, Executive Master Degree in Business Administration and Finance & Accountancy.

Investment analyst

Portfolio manager

We highlight THREE Steps to Success in Investing and Trading

You will pass those steps more easily and efficiently with us!

A novice investor and trader needs the support of experienced colleagues at the beginning of their journey. Also, learning is better when you work in a team of like-minded people.

Once we started «in-team» learning during our training programs, and the results of the students improved!


Develop investor's mindset

You will be able to understand your psychotype.

This will help you build your strategy around it.



Explore working strategies

We will pass on to you our knowledge gained by many years of experience.

This will save you time and money.


Apply knowledge in practice

You will receive the tools you need to practice.

This will allow you to get the desired result faster.


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