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Our goal is to inspire and provide all the tools and knowledge to everyone who wants to achieve their financial freedom through investment.

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Monthly Value Investment
online Masterclasses

You will take part in detailed analysis of particular industry including the most attractive investment companies (relevant to the time of the masterclass).

We will conduct a fundamental analysis of companies including one  “quality and underestimation” test;
We will look into optimal points of when to buy and sell shares using technical analytic methods;
We will discover how much more you can earn on a company using basic option strategies with Put and Call Options.

You will have an opportunity to ask question, in line with meeting topics and you will get a detailed reply. Also you will be able to make a trading operation for the companies, examined during the master class, the same day or any time soon.

Master Mind Trade

During the meeting you will choose companies to invest in, with support of an expert from Global Investment Academy.

Our lecturer and founder of the Investment club:

Dr. Igor Vasiliev, EMBA

How we run Master classes

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  • 1 Live Masterclass
  • 1 Live Master Mind Trade Preparation
  • Recordings of llive events
  • Access to the archive Masterclasses of GIA
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  • 12 Live Masterclasses
  • 12 Live Master Mind Trade Preparations
  • Recordings of llive events
  • Access to the archive Masterclasses of GIA
697 AUD 58AUD per Month**

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Products and services will be offered at the end of the presentation if you wish to further your education.

All advice given is general advice only. Past performance is no guarantee or reliable indication of future results. No consideration has been given or will be given to the recipients’ individual investment objectives, financial situation or specific needs. Investments can rise and fall in value. The decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and may involve an inherent level of risk. Although every effort will be made to explain the risks associated with the strategies, not all risks can or will be explained in any format. The information is provided solely for general educational purposes and neither purports nor intends to be advice.
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